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Frequently Asked Questions

Other firms are cheaper, why is that?

We have built our business on quality work. Our price is reflective of education, experience, top quality work, equipment and materials used in the cleaning process. Our knowledge and rug cleaning process sets us apart from the local carpet cleaner. Quality cleaning and care extend the life of your rugs and leather furniture.

Can I use leather wipes to clean my leather upholstery?

Your three in one leather wipes are only effective for spot cleaning on protected leather. They will have no effect on aniline or nubuck leather and if used may cause irreversible damage. Never use these wipes for overall cleaning.

How often should my rugs and leather furniture be cleaned?

Many rug and leather manufacturers recommend that your rugs and leather be cleaned every 6-12 months depending on use. Rugs/leather may need cleaned even though they may not "look" dirty. The soil you cannot see with the naked eye does as much damage as the soil that you can see. Dirty wool rugs are often a target for moth infestation. Rugs and leather upholstery that are subject to a smoking environment will need to be cleaned more frequently.

Are the chemicals that you use safe for people and pets?

The solutions that we use are environmentally safe and completely safe for people, children, and pets. Properly cleaning your rugs and leather furniture with the approved cleaning agents will reduce soil and contaminates to improve indoor air quality.

What about fabric protection for my rugs?

Fabric protection application can help prevent permanent stains, assist in resisting traffic area damage and is one of the most crucial steps in the cleaning process that is included in our price.

What makes your rug cleaning process better than your competitor's?

We use a 7-step process which includes Air Knife™ technology, sweeping, photo documentation, cleaning, forced air drying, fabric protection and final grooming of each rug that leaves our facility. We do not clean wall to wall carpeting. We also have over 49 years of hands on experience in the cleaning and restoration of fine fabrics.

Why should I have my leather upholstery professionally cleaned?

Because we have the training, knowledge and proper cleaning solutions to clean your leather upholstery without damaging its integrity. You probably invested a lot of money in purchasing your leather upholstery, it only makes sense to trust the cleaning of your investment to a company that specializes in this area. Not your local carpet cleaner. This also includes leather upholstery in automobiles.

Can I use household cleaning solutions to clean my leather upholstery?

No. Absolutely not. Household items vary widely in strength and in compatibility with today's water-based leather finishes and may cause cracking or other damage to the leather surface. These solutions may also permanently damage aniline and nubuck leather upholstery.


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